Thursday, April 23, 2015


We're both so proud of our big girl!

Avery's been rocking at kindergarten. She loves going to school and has really gotten into the routine of everything about it. She loves reading, loves doing homework, loves being with friends. So far, it's been a really great year for her.

And she got her first award the other day!

They had a program called "Reading Rockstars" and the kids had to set a daily and weekly reading goal that lasted about 6 weeks long. If the kid met their goal, they got an award. And Avery met her goal!

So the other night, I went with her to her award ceremony! I was very proud to hear them call her name and see her walk across the stage! My big girl's first school achievement!

Friday, April 10, 2015

Our Easter

Our Easter was very nice-it's hard to believe it's here and gone already!

Avery woke up just before 8am all excited to go and check things out. We kept her in our room until Cassandra woke up, which was around 9am!

They had received a note from the Easter Bunny that there were 35 eggs hidden along with their baskets. Once we got downstairs, the hunting began!

This one was stuffing her face with everything she found. No asking-just opened the egg and ate the candy! Until we caught on that is! Kid cracks me up!
We just lounged most of the morning. I made some muffins for breakfast and we just relaxed. Everyone found their basket and we just enjoyed the morning.

Cassie went down for a nap and it never fails....when we have somewhere to go, she sleeps forever. Avery and Gabe ended up leaving here around 4pm (Cassie fell asleep around 1:40 and is usually good for 2hrs). I even cracked her door open at 4 hoping it would wake her...nope! I finally went up around 4:40 and made enough noise to wake her up.

Needless to say, we got there right as they were serving dinner. Oh well....

Gabe's Mom had some egg shaped brownies for the kids to decorate and Cassie really enjoyed that!
After dinner, we sang "Happy Birthday" to Gabe's Mom and to me! We both have/had birthdays this week! And Cassie had a cupcake with a candle in it, because that's what happens when you're 3!
After dessert, it was egg hunt time! Since it SNOWED on Easter, we did the hunt inside. We love doing it outside, but you do what you gotta do! Here are the girls all lined up ready to go!
Cassie, Avery, Bianca
And they're off!

They each had 25 eggs to find and then got their baskets and Christmas Easter gifts.

Unfortunately, Avery had school the next day so we couldn't stay over there super late. It was a really great day though and the kids really had fun!

Hope you all had a Happy Easter!

Saturday, April 4, 2015

Spring Break!

The end of Avery's spring break is almost here. Tomorrow is Easter and she's back to school on Monday. 

We had a great week with her off though!

On Monday, Renee and Sabrina came from Buffalo to visit us for the afternoon. The kids had a ball playing with Sabrina, who is now running around with them! They had a lot of fun! And of course I'm kicking myself because I didn't get a single picture of them together!

I worked like usual on Tuesday and Wednesday.

We had a little scare on Wednesday afternoon though. Daycare called my work around 4pm saying that Cassandra fell and bumped her head and that we "might want to take her somewhere".  Gabe went and got her and texted me that they were headed to the doctor's office. I met them there after getting out of work. She ended up cutting the back of her head open, and thankfully it wasn't bad enough for stitches. I guess it bled a lot (by the looks of her clothes) and her hair was all matted to it so it was hard to tell just how bad it was until we got there. We all took a sigh of relief and grabbed some junk food (aka Wendy's) for dinner on the way home for the kids.

Thursday, we took the girls to their first movie. Well....Avery has been to one with my Father-in-Law before, but this was the first time we took her. The girls really wanted to see the new "Cinderella", so that's what we saw. Avery was great. Cassandra did pretty well, but did get antsy at times. I think since it wasn't animated it was harder to keep her attention. Overall they did really well though and the movie was amazing if you haven't seen it yet!

Friday was our  neighborhood egg hunt held at a neighbor's house. It was the perfect day for it-about 60 and sunny out! They spread out about 525 eggs and each kid starts with 10. Then once everyone has 10, it's a free for all!
getting lined up

Cassie and Avery

The kids had a ball as usual!

After dinner, we still had to dye eggs. The girls always love doing it!

Today we went to Buffalo to visit my Mom and Aunt. Megan and her kids stopped by as well. Tomorrow is Easter then back to the usual grind on Monday!! 

What a fun and busy week!

Sunday, March 29, 2015

A Super Fun Weekend!

Spring break is here (Hallelujah!) and we started it off with a bang! We had quite a busy weekend and quite a busy week ahead of us as well.

Yesterday, we took the kids to a cooking class at Wegman's in the morning. They got to make a few things using Peeps! They really had a good time! After, I stayed and grocery shopped and Gabe took the girls for a few errands.

In the afternoon, we were busy baking a cake for my Mom's arrival.  She came around 3:15 and the kids were so excited to see her!  My Mom's birthday is tomorrow so we had Gabe's parents over for dinner and cake. It was a really nice time!
Avery, Mom, Cassandra
This morning we got up and the girls had swimming lessons. We went to the gym a little early so they could play in the playroom for a bit before lessons. And they did really great at their lessons today too!

After lessons, we got ready to go to the ballet! My Mom brought the kids new dresses, so of course they had to wear them!
The ballet was really cute. Avery and I went last year and she really enjoyed it, so this year we all went and my sister-in-law and niece went as well.  When we got there, the girls received a little tiara to wear. And they were announced as they walked in.  Then they were able to dance with some of the snowflakes!
We got to watch them do a performance as well...

then they opened up the dancing again and had some coloring as well (which my kids love!).
They also had some snacks, a hot chocolate bar, and a silent auction.

There was a second performance where they "arrested" Jack Frost:
and crowned a snow queen:
After the second performance, the kids got to meet the new snow queen:
Avery, Cassie, Bianca with 3 of the dancers
And the "old" snow queen:
They ended with more dancing and Cassie was finally brave enough to join in!
The kids had a blast! Cassie was really into it-she sat right up front and clapped loud and hard for the dancers! She was so cute!

After the ballet, we went to Gabe's parents' house for dinner. And now it's about time to call it a night....we have a busy week ahead of us too!

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Dress Obsessed

Cassandra has a new obsession. It's been going on for a few weeks now and it's quite funny!

She LOVES dresses.

She wears them 24/7. No joke.

She has one in particular that my in-laws bought her for Christmas that she just can't get enough of. It's torture when I have to actually wash it because it's all I hear about until it's clean.

Since it's still winter, we've been putting her dresses over her clothes. And sometimes if we're not going anywhere, she'll strip down naked underneath and run around like crazy!  But even when bedtime comes, she has to have a dress on. She has a nightgown and most nights that'll do. But again with the nightgown-if I have to wash it, I hear about it every night until it's clean. Some nights we can convince her to wear a dress over her PJs to bed. It's crazy!

Avery went through a dress phase too, but it was only during the daytime. At night, she never asked about dresses at all. And I don't remember her phase lasting very long.

But this one....she's all about the dresses. Oh, and her "glass shoes" which are her shoes we wear for parties, etc. I actually had to hide them on her because she was wearing them all of the time and they were getting scuffed up. We put an end to wearing those except for going to special events.

The other day she asked me to take a picture of her all dressed up! She's too funny!

Friday, March 6, 2015

Ice Cream Sandwich Cake

I've been meaning to post this recipe for quite some time (as you can see, the pics are from August!). And now that I'm thinking of it, who the heck wants to eat ice cream cake in the middle of the winter?! cream is my favorite so I could eat it anytime!

This recipe came from my girlfriend's Mom. She made it for a birthday party we went to over the summer and I immediately got the recipe from her. It's super easy and really yummy too!

Ice Cream Sandwich Cake
20 ice cream sandwiches
1 jar of hot fudge
8oz cool whip
desired toppings

1. Line bottom of pan with ice cream sandwiches-cut to fit if needed.
2. Top with half of hot fudge sauce, a layer of cool whip and any other toppings you desire!
3. Do a second layer of ice cream sandwiches
4. Top with hot fudge, then cool whip, and toppings.
5. Freeze until ready to serve!

(Notes: So next time, I'll have to play around with this a bit. I didn't have enough ice cream sandwiches for some reason. And the 8oz of cool whip barely covered both layers in the pan so I might buy a bigger tub of cool whip next time. Along with hot fudge, I used peanut butter sauce. For toppings I used crushed M&Ms.)

Even though I had to fake some of this to make it look right, it still tasted fantastic! And I love how easy it is! Definitely something easy to bring for a party, especially in the summer!

Wednesday, February 25, 2015


Once again, another 2 weeks have gone by without any posts on here. Life has a funny way of catching up with you at times.

The last week to ten days or so, my time has been consumed researching for our next vacation.

I think we finally made a decision and will be doing a Disney cruise in the fall!!  We have one on hold and hopefully will be putting a deposit down by the weekend.

I was really debating between Disney and Norwegian. Norwegian launched a special about two weeks ago where kids sail free and you get some other perks onboard (ship credit, drink package, etc). Believe me, it was enticing....and half the cost of Disney. I had one on hold for that too.

I finally really thought (and talked) it out and decided to bite the bullet and do Disney.


Well, who knows when we'll cruise next. It might be in a year, it might be in 10yrs. And if it's later rather than sooner, the girls will be old enough to do actual Disney.  And I also thought if we went on Norwegian that I'd be second guessing it the whole time we were there. The girls are just really into the princesses right now (Cassie wears a princess dress 24/7) and everything is just so magical to them. They would LOVE it! It really would be a trip to remember for us.  So, this is the time to do it, if any.  I just don't want any regrets.

So....if you have any Disney cruise tips, I'd love to hear them!