Monday, August 10, 2015

Happy Birthday Brayden!

Over the weekend, we had Brayden's 5th birthday party!

It was a nice day-not too hot so not many people went in the pool at the party....just a few kids and my husband (because my kids said they were going to go in and then once he was in the felt how cold it was!).

But this pool Minion cake was so adorable!
And the kids opted to go in the hot tub-all 9 of them at once! It was quite comical! And it was funny that most of them didn't like the jets turned on, so basically it was like being in a warm tiny pool!

We had a very yummy dinner followed by presents!

Love the face he's making!

opening our gift-a Mario backpack

And a Mario lunch box
After presents, it was time to dig into that cute cake!

Make a wish!
We had a really fun time at his party and the kids had a blast as usual! Happy 5th Brayden!!

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