Sunday, November 30, 2008

Long Weekend Recap

So the nice, long weekend has come to an end. After turkey dinner Thursday, my Mom stayed over night. Friday her and I just ran to Bath & Body Works-it was pretty dead. We bought a few small things-we each had some coupons that were good deals so we couldn't pass them up. Mom left around 230 that afternoon and we did a few things around the house. We left for Buffalo around 6pm-went to my Mom's and just relaxed that night.
Saturday Gabe and I did some running around-saw my girlfriend Megan and her husband. We stopped over my Uncle's house to see their new cats. They got a 3 year old from the SPCA named Midas and a 7 month old from a place called Second Chance named Emma. They are both very cute and very friendly. After their house, we went to a restaurant called Amigo's for dinner. My Aunt waitresses there so we went to visit her. Dinner was good-we all had sandwiches of some sort and they were tasty.
Today we went over my Dad's house to watch some of the Bills game-we had some chili and salad. It was a nice time. We left around 330 to head home. Unfortunately the drive home took longer than anticipated-I guess we hit some holiday traffic on the way so it tacked on another half hour than normal so we didn't get in until around 530 tonight. Since then, just relaxing and gearing up for work tomorrow. Just a few more weeks before another holiday break. And that means just a few more weeks to Christmas shop! Yikes!

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving is here-it's crazy! It just doesn't feel like it to me! We're going over to Gabe's parents house today for dinner. We alternate between Buffalo and Rochester each year so it's our year to be here. My Mom is driving out to have dinner with us too which will be nice. She'll stay the night and we'll probably head to Buffalo tomorrow for a visit since we haven't gone in about a month now. So it's a day for being thankful and I am very thankful everyday-thankful for my wonderful husband, and thankful for my family and friends-without you I wouldn't be the person that I am today! Thank you all for your love and support. I'm thankful our family and friends are all healthy and we all have jobs and a place to live and food on the table. In this economy, it's the little things to be thankful for. So when you sit down to your yummy meal today, think of what you are thankful for this year. And enjoy the holiday with your family and loved ones.
Happy Thanksgiving!!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

One More Day....

of work that is! I can't believe Thanksgiving is this week already! I swear it was just Halloween! And you know once Turkey Day is here, Christmas comes like a flash. I'm so glad we have a 4 day weekend-it'll be so nice to have an extra few days to relax...although I'm sure we'll keep busy. One more day to go!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

4 Months

Pain People, I'm Talking PAIN!

Do NOT ask me how this happened-I swear you could pay someone a million dollars and they couldn't reproduce what happened to me yesterday...

I was working in surgery yesterday and was going from one room to another (my hands were gloved and sterile so I pushed the door open just enough for me to squeeze in/out) when I hear this ripping sound and shear pain in my stomach. Yep, my belly button ring got stuck on the door hinge! Now since I was in the middle of surgery-no screaming, swearing, tears, no checking it. All I'm doing is praying my ring didn't rip right out of my stomach. So after that surgery finished (we had 3 more to follow and no breaks between) I peeked at my belly button ring-saw that it was still in place (phew!) was bleeding slightly...the shocker-my ring started out as almost a complete circle. Now? A straight line! Yep, I pulled on it so hard that it straightened the darn metal right out! If you have one, you know how hard that metal is to bend so you can imagine how hard it pulled.

Now the dilemma-what the hell do I do with it?! I ended up coming home and looking online quickly-most sites say to leave the ring in because if you remove it, the infection can get trapped inside...great. So, I cleaned it with soap and water, put on some antibiotic ointment and covered it (oh, and put in a different ring since this one was bent beyond belief). It stayed covered until after work today. I took the bandage off figuring if it stays moist, it might not heal as fast. But holy hell does it hurt! My lymph node under my one armpit is SO swollen that hurts just as much as my belly button. I'm just praying it heals and doesnt get worse from this point on. OUCH!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Bianca's Party

So yesterday was our niece, Bianca's, first birthday party. It was a fun time-all the aunts and uncles came and my Mom also made the drive in from Buffalo to celebrate with us. We had soup, salad, and of course birthday cake. I think Bianca had fun-of course she probably had no clue what was going on! She got a lot of nice gifts (including a new doll which I'm sure what the "hit" gift) and enjoyed her first piece of cake. All in all, a very nice party! Here are some photos from the big day:

Family Photo (Mark, Bianca, Owen, Molly):

Bianca's Cake (Owen picked it out):

Blowing out the candle:

Yummy cake!Mmmmm good!

Friday, November 14, 2008

Our Niece is 1 Today!

Our niece, Bianca turned 1 today! I can't believe a year went by already-it seems like yesterday she was born! She's so cute-she has several teeth now and is crawling and "cruising" on the furniture. I'm sure she'll walk in the next few months. Just around election day, she found a new love-dolls! I saw her in action last weekend and it was too cute! She gets this huge grin on her face and just clings to them! It's so funny! Tomorrow is the big birthday party so I can't wait to see how she is with her cake. She's a good eater so I'm hoping she dives right into it! In honor of her birthday, here are a few pics of her over the past year. I'll post some birthday party pics in the next few days.

Bianca only a few days old.

Holidays 2007

4 Months oldBianca and her big brother, Owen at the zooBianca and I at my Rochester wedding shower in AprilHappy girl!!Happy 1st Birthday Bianca!!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Biggest Loser

So I have to take a minute and talk about one of my favorite shows, the Biggest Loser. I'm not sure if any of you saw last night's episode, but it made my night!! Basically there are two teams-black and blue left. Each had 4 people on it. I really like everyone on the black team-they happen to be all female and are all great people. The blue team however, I really can't stand! There's only one girl on there I like (Amy C.) and she was moved to that team from the black team a few episodes ago. Anywas, the 3 others on that team are SO RUDE! Theres a husband and wife (Vicky and Brady) and another girl (Heba). They are all just so mean and so rude to certain people that it annoys the heck out of me! The only good thing is that all of America is going to see what morons they are! How you can act like that on national television is beyond me. Anyways, Brady and a girl from the black team were up for elimination and Vicky was all bragging "Well I know Brady will be staying because our whole team will vote for the other girl and we have more votes, etc, etc." The BEST part was the elimination when Amy C. turned against the idiot blue team and voted Brady off!! It ended up as a tie vote so they choose the person who lost the least amount of weight to leave...which was Brady! So needless to say, their "team" is falling apart! It was so great! I'm so glad she had the nerve to stand up to them and vote them off-they are just so mean that none of them deserve to be on there and win the grand prize. I can't wait for next week-they show Vicky planning revenge (she's such a baby!).

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Not Neglecting...

I'm not neglecting the blog lately...I just have had nothing exciting to report about! Back to work tomorrow-we didn't really do much over the weekend. Just some errands and visiting our niece and nephew last night. The Bills lost yet another game today-after a great start to the season it's pretty depressing. Hopefully they can turn that around soon! Well, the Amazing Race is starting soon so I have to go watch it! I'll post more when I have something more interesting to say!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Election Day

Election Day 2008---one that will mark history either way it ends. Either the first African-American president or the first female vice president. I'm not a huge politics follower, but I have to admit, I'm anxious to see what happens. It's exciting that "minorities" in this country are actually going to make history tonight!
I went and did my civil duty of voting today after work. After hearing stories of how crowded the polls are, I was a little worried I'd be in line awhile. But I got there and there was only one person ahead of me so I was in and out nice and fast. Did you see the lines at some places though? People waited HOURS to cast their vote. We had a patient today who told me her sister waited over 2 hours in the rain to vote (she lives in GA). I'm sorry, but if I saw a line that long, I don't think I'd bother waiting. Sad to say, but that's just crazy. I guess if you live in a swing state, I could see waiting. But in NY you have to face the fact that your vote really doesn't do much-it's a democratic state so it's not like one vote will do that much damage.
I'm sure I'll be fast asleep tonight when the final decision is made, but it'll be interesting to see how the evening goes. If you haven't gone out to vote yet, get out there! You have a few hours left!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Happy Halloween!

Well, it's really the day after, but who's paying attention?? After work, we waited for some trick or treaters before heading to our party. We left the house at 7pm and still had no kids show up! So since we bought a big bag of candy, we left a bowl of it out on our front stoop to get rid of it. We stopped at Gabe's sister's house on the way to see our niece and nephew. Unfortunately they were out of their costumes already and our nephew was enjoying his candy. So, I don't have any pictures to show of them in their cute outfits :( We stayed a few minutes then went to my friend Julie's house for a party. I brought my spooky cookie cake for a dessert and it was a hit! They had tons of food, lots of drinks and a decent turn out. There were a few games of beer pong and flip cup played (I didn't play-not a beer fan) and we had a really good time. We got home to find our candy bowl empty so someone took it! I wish we had a camera out there to see if a few kids took one each, or if there was a kid who took the whole bowl. Either way, I don't care-the candy is out of the house!