Sunday, November 30, 2008

Long Weekend Recap

So the nice, long weekend has come to an end. After turkey dinner Thursday, my Mom stayed over night. Friday her and I just ran to Bath & Body Works-it was pretty dead. We bought a few small things-we each had some coupons that were good deals so we couldn't pass them up. Mom left around 230 that afternoon and we did a few things around the house. We left for Buffalo around 6pm-went to my Mom's and just relaxed that night.
Saturday Gabe and I did some running around-saw my girlfriend Megan and her husband. We stopped over my Uncle's house to see their new cats. They got a 3 year old from the SPCA named Midas and a 7 month old from a place called Second Chance named Emma. They are both very cute and very friendly. After their house, we went to a restaurant called Amigo's for dinner. My Aunt waitresses there so we went to visit her. Dinner was good-we all had sandwiches of some sort and they were tasty.
Today we went over my Dad's house to watch some of the Bills game-we had some chili and salad. It was a nice time. We left around 330 to head home. Unfortunately the drive home took longer than anticipated-I guess we hit some holiday traffic on the way so it tacked on another half hour than normal so we didn't get in until around 530 tonight. Since then, just relaxing and gearing up for work tomorrow. Just a few more weeks before another holiday break. And that means just a few more weeks to Christmas shop! Yikes!

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