Monday, November 26, 2012

Long Weekend Photo Dump

I was going to do a post on our nice, long weekend for Thanksgiving....but honestly I'm typing this almost 2 weeks later and I don't remember what we did! At least not to the detail I'd like to write about!

So, I'll just put in some pics from that weekend....

These are from Buffalo-we went all day Saturday and saw my Dad for lunch then went to my Mom's. My cousins stopped by to visit which was nice since they haven't seen the girls in awhile.

Trying Daddy's soda!

Cousin Taylor and Cass

Giving the baby kisses

She loved this doll-so sweet!

Taylor and Avery-Avery loved playing with her!
And this is Cassandra's latest and greatest move....the push up/plank!

Get that butt in the air kid!

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Ten Months Old!

Yesterday Cassandra turned 10 months old!

She's sporting mostly 6month clothes these days and some 9 month stuff depending on what it is. She's in size 3 diapers for both day and night. 

As far as sleep goes, she either sleeps all night (*love*) or is up once to nurse. She had 1-2 nights of being up for several hours overnight...those nights are rough!  She also had a pretty nasty cough for about 2 weeks and she would just cough like crazy anytime she tried to sleep. We felt so bad for her!  She still is taking 2 naps a day-the length of them vary day to day.

She's still nursing throughout the day. In public (basically anywhere but home) is rough because she's so darn nosy! 

She's still having 2 meals a day now-lunch and dinner. Some new foods for this month include: mashed potatoes, meatloaf, chicken noodle soup, squash, asian pear, pastina, and toast. She's not a fan of the pasta yet! Everything else she did pretty well with! 

She seems to be doing new things all of the time these days!  She takes after her sister (and Daddy) and is obsessed with anything electronic-phones, remotes, cameras, etc). She started signing "all done" to us, which is very helpful at meal time (and it's SO cute!). She has also started clapping and putting her arms up for "so big!" She has her 2 bottom center teeth now and did pretty well with them coming in. She tries to nod her head "yes" but it's more like she nods her entire body-it's pretty funny! She loves balloons and when she sees them she makes the "b" sound! At the end of the month she started waving "bye bye". This month she also had her first Halloween and her first Thanksgiving!

Here are her pics-this was a rough session...sister didn't want to sit still!

My faves:


And here is Avery's 10 month info!

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving!

Today was a milestone Thanksgiving for was Cassandra's first Thanksgiving!

We had a lazy morning watching the parade (well, some of it-Avery isn't very interested in it yet) and eating cinnamon rolls for breakfast.

We headed to Gabe's parents' house around 2 so that we could put Cassandra down for her afternoon nap. Thankfully she took a little snooze before everyone started showing up!

My Mom and Aunt Pat came in from Buffalo to join us for dinner once again this year, so that was nice having them there to celebrate with us!
Aunt Pat and Cassandra
The kids had their own table to eat at:
Bianca and Avery
There was amounts! I think we counted 12 side dishes (each were huge as well) along with the turkey!  You couldn't even fit a little of everything on your plate!

After dinner, we relaxed before having dessert.
Mom and Cassandra
Can my children look any grumpier?! I just wanted a pic of them in their dresses! Haha!
Cassandra loves her technology stuff already-checking out Daddy's phone!
And the best family photo we could get with the two kids! I think we took 5 of them and this was the best we could do!
We all had some yummy dessert then headed home shortly after to get the kids in bed!

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving....we sure did!

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Bianca's Birthday Weekend!

Our niece, Bianca, turned 5 a few days ago so this weekend was her birthday weekend!

Saturday we went over their house for dinner, cake, and presents with the family.

Avery was dying to help her open her gifts!

Her Hello Kitty cake (turned sideways):
When we sang to her, Owen and Bianca hid under the table! This is them popping up at the very end!

Make a wish!

On Sunday morning we went to Gabe's parents' house for Bianca's kid party.  The kids did some coloring, play doh and lots of playing!! We had some snacks, the kids had sandwiches and then cupcakes for a treat.

Cassandra was a good sport and left the party hat on a few minutes so we could get some pics!

So big!!
Happy Birthday Bianca!!

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Sunday, November 11, 2012

The Ham, Books and Bath

I have a few random things from the past few days....

1. My little ham.

As soon as she sees the camera, this is what I get.

Every.single.time. (sorry for the turned photos)

This is from a different day just to prove it to you!
2. Books

Sister loves books.

What she really loves about them? Turning the pages! She's pretty darn good at it!

3. Bath time

Cassandra tried something new today....the jacuzzi tub!

Avery was taking a bath in there and we decided to see what Cassandra thought of it.

Avery looks terrified-I told her to smile!
The verdict? She loved it! She loves her baths so it didn't surprise me. I'm sure she'll be hitting the jacuzzi more in the near future!

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

I did my duty

Today I did my duty as a US citizen...

....I voted.

I voted for these two girls and their future as grown women.

That they may have equality and freedom and never be treated like a second class citizen.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Happy 1st Birthday Leigha!

Today we went to Buffalo to celebrate a special girl's 1st birthday...Leigha!

They had her party at a local YMCA so when we got there, the kids had free time in the gym-they got to run around like crazy and play with some stuff they put out for them.

Then we went to the party room for some pizza, wings and snacks.

Avery was obsessed with Leigha-she kept wanting to "pet" her (yes, her words!):

Gabe and the birthday girl!
The cute (and yummy) cake:
When everyone started singing to her, she started to cry!
After some reassurance, she was ok!
Family photo:
Noah, Todd, Megan, Leigha
And of course she got to dig into some cake!

After cake it was time for gifts, then time to head out!  We ended up going back to my Mom's house for dinner then headed home shortly after since we both have to work tomorrow.

Happy Birthday Leigha!