Monday, November 26, 2012

Long Weekend Photo Dump

I was going to do a post on our nice, long weekend for Thanksgiving....but honestly I'm typing this almost 2 weeks later and I don't remember what we did! At least not to the detail I'd like to write about!

So, I'll just put in some pics from that weekend....

These are from Buffalo-we went all day Saturday and saw my Dad for lunch then went to my Mom's. My cousins stopped by to visit which was nice since they haven't seen the girls in awhile.

Trying Daddy's soda!

Cousin Taylor and Cass

Giving the baby kisses

She loved this doll-so sweet!

Taylor and Avery-Avery loved playing with her!
And this is Cassandra's latest and greatest move....the push up/plank!

Get that butt in the air kid!

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