Sunday, December 2, 2012

Let the Crazy December Weekends Commence!

Every weekend in December is crazy busy for us....seriously every weekend. 

This weekend just kicked it off!

Yesterday we bummed around a little bit in the morning. Cassandra played with some laundry:
I went grocery shopping in the afternoon and then in the evening, my Sister-In-Law had an ornament party so Avery and I went. We had a lot of fun!

Today was very busy. Avery had swim lessons in the morning which went ok.  Right when we got home, her and I cut out our Christmas cut-out cookies. I made the dough Friday night so it was all ready to go when we had some free time. She really got into it this year sprinkling the flour on the counter, cutting out the shapes, etc!

While they baked, she had lunch.  After lunch, Gabe took her to see a play of "Knufflebunny" with his sister and Dad.  They got home and we were all going to go and get our Christmas tree, but Cassandra was still napping when they got home! We decided since the weather was semi-decent that Gabe would just go with his Dad and Avery to get the tree and I would stay home with Cassandra. I was a little bummed I didn't get to help, but dragging the baby along would have been a little bit of a pain as well. It all worked out-they picked out a beautiful tree and we set it up as soon as they got home.

After dinner, Avery was dying to frost the cookies (I was hoping we could delay it another day or so) so I figured we'd just get them done. Again, she had a blast! She frosted some 100% by herself and loved putting on the sprinkles!

Here are a few of her masterpieces (can you tell they're loaded with frosting and have about a pound of sprinkles on them?!):
One busy weekend down, several more to go!

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