Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Baby's First Christmas!

Our Christmas was extra special this year because it was Cassandra's first Christmas!

When the girls got up in the morning (around 8am!) we went downstairs to see if Santa came....
and he did!

We opened up a few gifts and then I got breakfast put together and got it in the oven so we could finish our gifts.

Cassandra liked her new ball:
And Avery couldn't wait to tear into her big gift from Santa! What could it be??
A new playhouse!
Cass had to come over and check it out too!

And here is the aftermath of gift opening....where's Cassandra??
Avery showing Cassandra how to use her new octopus toy
Cassandra just loved hitting the balls together!
The best part about our Christmas day?? We didn't have to go anywhere! This is the first time in who knows how long (ever?) that we had nothing to do. It was glorious...especially for the kids. I stayed in my jammies until 5pm, took a shower, and got back in my jammies...it was awesome! The kids got to play all day with their new toys and we all just hung out. Gabe's parents stopped by for maybe an hour to see the haul, but that was it! It was such a relaxing day filled with just us!!
My 1st Christmas!

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