Monday, December 31, 2012

Christmas with Pa and Grandma

We usually spend Christmas Day with my in-laws, but this year we decided to push our celebration out until yesterday...mainly because several of us had to work the day after Christmas.

Shorly after we got there, the kids were dying to open up presents! So that was the first thing we did!
Avery and Bianca
Owen and Avery
Grandma and Owen
Bianca and Avery

Cassandra napped during most of the gifts, but once she woke up, she got to open a few too!
Cassandra and Grandma
Daddy and Cassandra
Silly girl showing off her tongue!
After gifts, it was time for dinner! The yearly menu consists of filet and shrimp scampi-delicious! Then we relaxed and had some dessert while the kids played.
Bianca, Avery, Owen
We all had fun playing with the sets of reindeer antlers too!

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