Monday, December 10, 2012

Garden Factory

Yesterday we took the kids to the Garden Factory for their holiday fun!

We got Cassandra all bundled up in her stroller (first time in the umbrella stroller!):
We started out waiting in line to see Santa. I'm guessing we waited 20mins or so. Avery was excited!
When we got up to him, she didn't want to sit with him. I was just about to crouch down next to him and have her sit on my lap but then things changed. I gave Cassandra to him and before I knew it, she was on his lap! I don't remember if he picked her up or if Gabe plopped her on his lap or what, but before I knew it, there they were sitting with him! Avery told him what she wanted too!
After Santa, it was time for the rides! She rode on pretty much everything and even braved the ferris wheel for the first time!
She's in the top one on the left side

Of course we didn't leave before filling our cart up with a lot of poinsettias!  Avery helped pick out the colors too!

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