Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve varies year to year for us. Some years it's non-stop house hopping and other years we get to relax in one place. One thing is a sure bet-we spend it in Buffalo. This year it was the latter of the two-we got to relax in one place, which was so, SO nice!

We got to my Mom's a little after  noon and they had some lunch waiting for us. 

Nama of course had to eat up her babies:

Mom and Cassandra

Mom and the girls

Avery? Avery? Over here!!
After we had some lunch, we exchanged our gifts....
This year, Avery knew just what to do and did it very quickly! Cassandra was clueless-you'd start the paper for her and she'd just stare at it. Needless to say, Avery did a lot of gift opening this year!

Cassandra checking out her lantern

She loved the paper too!

Me and my (posessed) girl!
After we did our gifts, my friend Renee stopped by. My Uncle Joe and Aunt Marion came by shortly after that.
opening Renee's gift

Cute pig from Uncle Joe and Aunt Marion!
I'm so excited that the girls got a new sled! We'll be using this for sure this winter!
After our company, Gabe and the girls did some reading before our other guests arrived!
And we took a quick family photo...did I mention how hard that is with 2 children?!
nice tongue, Ave!

Another "winner"
My cousins then arrived and we had a nice dinner. After that was more gifts and dessert. Then it was time to get in our jammies and head home!
It took the girls a very long time to fall asleep on the way home. I don't know if they were so wound up from our visit or if they were excited about Santa coming...but it took a very long time! Thankfully they both fell asleep eventually!

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