Saturday, August 30, 2008


I haven't been on in a few days because we had a visitor---my Mom! She came in Thurs right when I got out of work and left today. Of course she came with goodies-chocolate cookies, peanut butter pie, and a yummy salad for us. Friday her and my father-in-law worked on our "jungle" of a garden out front-they ripped about half of it out. Its a great start-we just have to finish it. I'll post pics of it once I get them on the computer. I took a half day and was home around noon to help-but they really did most of the work which was really nice of them. I can't wait to get it all finished and put new, low maintenance stuff in its place. Friday night we went to eastview mall and ate at Biaggi's there-was pretty good (their alfredo sauce is quite yummy). This morning, we met the in-laws and our niece and nephew at the public market. We stocked up on lots of goodies then hit the coffee shop there-it's our usual market ritual we have. I love the public market-you can get some really great deals there. I love, love, love fruit and stock up there as much as I can. Today I got about 15 apples for $2!! My Mom left in the afternoon and I finished painting our bathroom finally-almost a year long project for that! Then we hit weggies for grocery shopping, had a nice steak dinner at home, and then I started the grueling task of saving CD's of wedding photos to my computer. Then I uploaded them to ofoto, edited them and am in the process of ordering prints-the hard part? Theres about 700 of them to go through! So it's taken me most of the night and I'm saving the rest for tomorrow. Luckily we don't have anything planned so I can get some of this junk done! Gotta love long weekends :)

Wednesday, August 27, 2008


If you live in Rochester and have never been to Lugia's, shame on you! If you want great ice cream, it's the place to be! Seriously, they have the best soft serve ice cream I've ever had...and the sizes/prices can't be beat. You order a baby or kiddie size and it's HUGE! We went there tonight with Gabe's parents and our nephew-for all of us to get an ice cream or sundae was about $18 which isn't bad. Don't get me wrong, I also love Coldstone Creamery, but the place is pretty expensive for what you get. Gabe and I have had "bad luck" there the past few times we've gone-not a lot of stuff mixed in, very small portions, etc. and for 2 of us it still costs us at least $10...tasty stuff? Yeah, but Lugia's has them beat for creaminess that's for sure! The only bad thing is that they're not open year round and it's about a 25 min ride there from our house-so that's a bummer! I said tonight we should open a location closer just so we could go more often! Not that I need that at all! I did go to the gym before we went tonight so I don't feel as guilty for eating my peanut butter sundae!

Totally random switch here, but is anyone able to post comments on here for me? I know someone mentioned having problems, but I think I may have fixed it....let me know!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Thank You's-Check!

My thank you notes for the wedding went into the mail yesterday-yay! Gabe is still working on his side, but it's a relief to have those done....what a chore! We still have a few wedding related things to do-picking photos for our album, watching our video, downloading/editing pictures I've been given on CD. Problem is, by the time I get home and eat dinner I don't feel like doing any of it...I'd rather just relax. Although this week has been busy-pilates last night and watched "Shrek 3" (very cute by the way). Today I did some cleaning after work, had a nail appt., ate dinner, and did more cleaning. I just finished a few minutes ago and I have a headache and am heading to bed very soon. So the wedding stuff will have to wait-it'll get done eventually. I want to work on it, but I need a little bit of time to just be a slug too :)

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Garage Sales, Rhinos, and More

Another weekend has gone by. We had a garage sale yesterday...didn't go very well. For some reason not many people came. I went to the gym during it, and there was no one out and about-hardly any traffic or anything-it was odd. So needless to say, we didn't sell much which means we lugged it all back inside to store-ugh! We posted some things on craigs list today so hopefully some of the bigger items sell so we dont have to drag them back to the attic.

Last night we had Gabe's company summer picnic. They had it at the Rhino's (soccer) game this year. It was fun-we sat in the suite area and dinner was catered by Famous Dave's-ribs, chicken, beans, slaw and corn muffins. Gabe's sister, her husband and the 2 kids came too so it was a lot of fun-and a great night to sit outside for it.

Today I did some running around. I actually lucked out at DSW and found a pair of brown shoes! I've been looking for a new pair for at least 2-3 years now. The ones I had are old-very scuffed up, etc. I just have very bad luck shoe shopping-everything I like is not in my size, or I find nothing I like or something. But today I lucked out-I debated between 3 pairs of shoes (I should have bought all of them to avoid this dilemma in the future) but ended up picking one to buy. So that made my day! I also ran to the mall and Aldi's. Then Gabe and I went for dinner at Salena's for dinner-it was pretty good! Great chips and salsa. Then we hit Weggies for our weekly grocery shopping and that's about it. I'm almost done with wedding thank you notes (yay!) so hopefully those will go out this week-at least mine will...Gabe is writing out his family/friends so he'll be sending them eventually...I got a head start on mine! So back to work tomorrow-yuck! The weekends just go too fast!

Friday, August 22, 2008

Little Things....

Sometimes it's the little things in life that smack you in the face and give you perspective on life. This site is one of them. Today I had another one happen. I was at work and started a new patient evaluation. We got chit chatting and I asked how her summer was going (like I do with almost every patient). Her response? "Not too good." I didn't ask anything because I was afraid of what I'd hear. She offered up "I just found out my niece has stage 4 cancer." Yes, stage 4-really bad. The conversation continued and I found out that she's 26. She had a mole removed several years ago that was cancerous then was declared cancer free. She later found a lump in her breast that was also removed. So I asked how she found out it was cancer-since it's stage 4 it is pretty far along. I guess she was finding these little bumps under her skin and went for some testing....they found it had spread to her liver, her shoulder socket, etc. Its basically everywhere-it somehow has spared her spine and brain. She went for chemo for awhile and it did nothing. She went for her first radiation treatment this week so they're not sure how that will go. Then on top of it, the girl was engaged (was with the guy 6-7 years) and he dumps her! It just breaks my heart-and I don't know why it touched me as much as it did. I know tons of people get cancer and kids get it, etc. But this for some reason really hit me. Maybe its because she's close to my age. Maybe because it was a complete stranger who opened up to me...a complete stranger to her. I dont know. Let me tell you, I never have cried in front of a patient, but this was close-I really had to concentrate and think of not crying. As I'm writing this, I'm crying. It was just one of those eye opening moments that makes you realize your life is good. Thank God it's Friday.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008


I LOVE it! I started years ago-I'm talking when it first came out. When I lived back in Buffalo I used to go pretty frequently. I even had my Mom as my sidekick for a few summers. I used to go up and down a street near my Mom's house-that is until I almost got hit by a car! Since then, I'm scared to death to go blading anywhere near traffic. So then I frequented Isleview in Tonawanda-a nice path next to the river. Crowded enough that you weren't scared of something happening but not so crowded (unless it was a weekend in the summer) that you were running over people. Its so peaceful there-nice and quiet and you can just blade and think. Well, since I moved to Rochester 4 years ago (yes it's been that long!) I haven't really gone at all. Mainly because I haven't found a place that nicely paved with little traffic. I tried going a few places, but they just didn't do it for me. So today, the hubby and I finally found a decent place. Behind my work runs a canal and we knew there was a pathway that ran along side it (hubby ran a 5K on it earlier this year). The problem? How do we get to the pathway? So tonight we parked at my work but all the paths leading to the canal were gravel-which doesn't fly with rollerblades. So we drove around a bit and finally found a paved pathway up to it! Hubby ran while I bladed and it was great! It felt so good to get on them again since it's been at least a year, if not more! We went about 45min or so-a decent workout, but the funny thing is that it doesn't feel like a work out to me. That's how this whole thing came about today-it's my normal cardio day at the gym and I HATE doing cardio! HATE IT! So since it was nice out I thought of going for a run with hubby, then he came up with the idea of finding the canal path so I could blade. And I really don't sweat like I do at the gym-not sure why because my heart rate definitely gets up there but who knows! So anyways, it was fabulous-I hope I get the chance to go again before the weather turns!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

One Month

Today is one month that I'm married! I really have no idea where the time has gone-it's hard to believe a month has gone by already. I still can't believe its mid-August right now. I swear, the summer flew! I remember being a kid and summer vacation seemed like forever. And I also rememeber grown ups saying "the older you get, the faster it goes". I of course, didn't believe them, but now I'm starting to! And why does it go faster as you get older? It's actually scary to me how fast it does go by these days. We've been married a month, were engaged for about a year and a half, and together for almost 5 years total-and it seems like yesterday that I met my knight in shining armor! This is the earliest picture I have of us-we were together almost 2 years here though.

Anyways, married life is great-granted for us, not much changed except things are legal now. We've lived together for about 3 years already so really, it doesn't feel any different. Of course thats what everyone keeps asking now "so, how does it feel to be married?" No different honestly. It's weird calling him my husband and thinking of myself as a Mrs. now. I still don't know which name to sign since I have it changed for some things but not for others. Other than that, it doesn't feel like a major change took place at all.

So, how did we celebrate? Well, I worked a 10 hour day (ugh!) then came home and made us dinner which turned out pretty darn good! We tried a new pasta dish and it turned out tasty! Then we made up some brown ladies-drinks we've grown to love while on our honeymoon in Aruba. And we enjoyed a piece of cake from my shower back in April-we froze it and believe it or not, after 3 months it still tastes pretty good!

my shower cake

Since I'm exhausted from my long day, I'll be heading to bed soon and hopefully get a good night of sleep.

You're probably wondering about my blog name-"Nit"....well, my name is Nicole and our nephew (and most family) calls me Nik. Problem is, he has trouble saying the "k" sound so my name comes out "Aunt Nit". Hence the blog name. I thought it was cute and original myself :)