Sunday, August 24, 2008

Garage Sales, Rhinos, and More

Another weekend has gone by. We had a garage sale yesterday...didn't go very well. For some reason not many people came. I went to the gym during it, and there was no one out and about-hardly any traffic or anything-it was odd. So needless to say, we didn't sell much which means we lugged it all back inside to store-ugh! We posted some things on craigs list today so hopefully some of the bigger items sell so we dont have to drag them back to the attic.

Last night we had Gabe's company summer picnic. They had it at the Rhino's (soccer) game this year. It was fun-we sat in the suite area and dinner was catered by Famous Dave's-ribs, chicken, beans, slaw and corn muffins. Gabe's sister, her husband and the 2 kids came too so it was a lot of fun-and a great night to sit outside for it.

Today I did some running around. I actually lucked out at DSW and found a pair of brown shoes! I've been looking for a new pair for at least 2-3 years now. The ones I had are old-very scuffed up, etc. I just have very bad luck shoe shopping-everything I like is not in my size, or I find nothing I like or something. But today I lucked out-I debated between 3 pairs of shoes (I should have bought all of them to avoid this dilemma in the future) but ended up picking one to buy. So that made my day! I also ran to the mall and Aldi's. Then Gabe and I went for dinner at Salena's for dinner-it was pretty good! Great chips and salsa. Then we hit Weggies for our weekly grocery shopping and that's about it. I'm almost done with wedding thank you notes (yay!) so hopefully those will go out this week-at least mine will...Gabe is writing out his family/friends so he'll be sending them eventually...I got a head start on mine! So back to work tomorrow-yuck! The weekends just go too fast!

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