Friday, August 22, 2008

Little Things....

Sometimes it's the little things in life that smack you in the face and give you perspective on life. This site is one of them. Today I had another one happen. I was at work and started a new patient evaluation. We got chit chatting and I asked how her summer was going (like I do with almost every patient). Her response? "Not too good." I didn't ask anything because I was afraid of what I'd hear. She offered up "I just found out my niece has stage 4 cancer." Yes, stage 4-really bad. The conversation continued and I found out that she's 26. She had a mole removed several years ago that was cancerous then was declared cancer free. She later found a lump in her breast that was also removed. So I asked how she found out it was cancer-since it's stage 4 it is pretty far along. I guess she was finding these little bumps under her skin and went for some testing....they found it had spread to her liver, her shoulder socket, etc. Its basically everywhere-it somehow has spared her spine and brain. She went for chemo for awhile and it did nothing. She went for her first radiation treatment this week so they're not sure how that will go. Then on top of it, the girl was engaged (was with the guy 6-7 years) and he dumps her! It just breaks my heart-and I don't know why it touched me as much as it did. I know tons of people get cancer and kids get it, etc. But this for some reason really hit me. Maybe its because she's close to my age. Maybe because it was a complete stranger who opened up to me...a complete stranger to her. I dont know. Let me tell you, I never have cried in front of a patient, but this was close-I really had to concentrate and think of not crying. As I'm writing this, I'm crying. It was just one of those eye opening moments that makes you realize your life is good. Thank God it's Friday.

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