Wednesday, August 27, 2008


If you live in Rochester and have never been to Lugia's, shame on you! If you want great ice cream, it's the place to be! Seriously, they have the best soft serve ice cream I've ever had...and the sizes/prices can't be beat. You order a baby or kiddie size and it's HUGE! We went there tonight with Gabe's parents and our nephew-for all of us to get an ice cream or sundae was about $18 which isn't bad. Don't get me wrong, I also love Coldstone Creamery, but the place is pretty expensive for what you get. Gabe and I have had "bad luck" there the past few times we've gone-not a lot of stuff mixed in, very small portions, etc. and for 2 of us it still costs us at least $10...tasty stuff? Yeah, but Lugia's has them beat for creaminess that's for sure! The only bad thing is that they're not open year round and it's about a 25 min ride there from our house-so that's a bummer! I said tonight we should open a location closer just so we could go more often! Not that I need that at all! I did go to the gym before we went tonight so I don't feel as guilty for eating my peanut butter sundae!

Totally random switch here, but is anyone able to post comments on here for me? I know someone mentioned having problems, but I think I may have fixed it....let me know!

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Gabe Del Vecchio said...

My love for Lugia's ice cream is second only to my love for Nit.