Saturday, March 30, 2013

Egg Hunt

Yesterday was our neighborhood Easter egg hunt!

We didn't get to attend last year because of Avery's tonsil surgery, so this was our first time going. And boy, it was fun! 

They got all the kids lined up around's Avery ready to go:

They told us a few rules and then it was go time! When they said "go", Avery burst into tears instead of running off like the other kids. I have no idea why (I think she thought they were going to take all of the eggs and she wouldn't get any), but once I went with her and started helping her, she was fine.

Cass had fun too! Of course she would fine one egg and just carry that one all day long-too funny!
Some shots of all of the kids running around:

It was quite the egg hunt...They had over 500 eggs and they were spread out around 5-6 back yards. Each egg had a ticket inside that had a letter on it. You took your tickets to their deck where they had corresponding prizes. So for every egg you found, you got a was a small prize (gum, pencil, eraser, etc), but still! I think most kids got around 20 eggs or so. Then they had I think 10 gold eggs which won you a bigger prize (Avery didn't get one). The woman who hosted also bought candy for each kid too, so they really made out! 

Once the hunting was over, there were lots of snacks, etc and the kids just ran around and played. Avery had her first try at a trampoline and loved it!
After the egg hunt, Cass took a nap. When she woke up, it was time to color our eggs!

Avery coloring on the eggs

Putting stickers on after they were colored

The finished product!
We had quite a busy day....and this weekend will be the same!

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Princess for a Day

On Sunday we went to The Chapman's house for a get together since it's been awhile that we've seen them.

This is the only chance I had to get a shot of all of the kids together!
Avery, who  normally could care less about dressing up, wanted this dress on as soon as we got there. And she left it on until we left! My little princess for the day!
Since the other girls dressed up, they wanted Cassandra dressed up as well so this was her first time in a princess dress!
And she has become obsessed with walking while we hold her hands. OBSESSED! As soon as you go to put her down, she stiffens her legs and says "wa" (walk) and wants to walk all around!

The kids played, we had a very yummy dinner, they played some more, we had an even yummier dessert, then the kids played for a short time before we headed home.  It was a very nice visit!
I think Cassandra is in there too, but you can't see her!

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Fourteen Months Old!

Today Miss Cassandra is fourteen months old! The months are just flying by!

Like last month, her clothing hasn't changed much. She still wears both 9 and 12 month stuff. Some of the one-piece 9 month stuff is getting small on her, but pants/shirts are still fitting. In fact, most of her 12 month pants are too long and she steps on them!

Cassandra is still sleeping through the night-typically 11-12 hours total. Sometimes she wakes up, but rarely do we have to go in-only if she's sick or something. Her naps are very sporadic these days-some days she takes 2 naps, other days she takes 1. It depends how tired she seems in the morning. The problem lately is that if she takes a morning one, she won't want to take an afternoon one. Then she's completely exhausted and goes to bed early.

  She's still nursing twice a day-morning and bedtime. I'm going to start mixing in whole milk soon-probably in the next few weeks. She's doing well having milk in the sippy cup so that's good. In fact, now she's refusing a bottle during the day when I'm at work!

Let's see-some new foods she's tried (that I can remember) are pineapple, ravioli, cottage cheese, salmon, bologna, and chili. The girl loves her fruit and veggies just like her big sister. Honestly though, she's not picky! She eats just about anything we give her which is great!

Cassandra has a lot of new words this month: "nose", "open", "bear bear", "no", "mine", "apple", "moon". She really tries to copy anything we say which is too cute. She has also started some animal sounds-"moo", "bawk", "woof".  And she has a few more signs as well: "milk", "bath".

Some other firsts this month include tooth #5! It took forever to break through and I think tooth #6 is going to be just as stubborn! I have seen it for weeks and it's just not coming!  She also slept over my in-laws for the first time and did really well which is good. We were a little nervous about it, but everything went really great! Cassandra also figured out how to close her eyes!

Here are her pics for this month...she wasn't really feeling it this time around either (just like last month!)....

My faves:

she kept trying to get the chair to rock so she was going back and forth like a mad woman!

Flashback to Avery at 14 months!

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Baby Julia

Yesterday we had a visit from a little baby!

Avery's BFF from daycare (Josie) became a big sister right around Cassandra's birthday!  We hadn't gotten a chance to meet the new little baby yet, so last night they came by for some pizza!  Baby Julia is just over 2months old now but is still so tiny (about 10lbs!)!

Cassandra was obsessed with her-she was whining to touch her and I don't think she was very fond of me holding her. This was the first time she was around someone smaller than her and I think she was very intrigued by the whole thing! It was pretty funny!

This is the only pic I remembered to take while they were here-and it was just before they left!
Lisa, Cassandra, Julia and I

Monday, March 18, 2013


I've been a blogging slacker.

I seriously haven't even written a "real" post in like 3 weeks.

And I honestly have nothing to say!

I feel like life has just been happening with nothing too significant going on. I picked up an extra shift at work last week and this week so my "free" time is even more limited. I've sat down at night a few times hoping to write a post, but then nothing note-worthy even comes to mind. And the days just pass by.

So, I'll share some pics from the past few weeks if you don't mind! Hey, it's something, right?!

Numero frickin' cute is this little toosh in skinny jeans? (thank you Julie and fam!)
We went to Buffalo on the 9th for a visit and this one started walking with us holding her hands...finally! And I'll say that as of now, she LOVES doing it-will even cry if she's in the mood and you stop walking with her. Yep, that stage.
Cousin Taylor came by for a visit which made my big girl so happy....on the way to my Mom's, Avery asked if Taylor was coming because "Taylor is my best friend!"  Taylor came. Life was good.

Little sister is also obsessed with electronics already....kid can't get enough of them!
And we had some visitors come by my Mom's....Megan and Noah, Jessica and Connor. It was great seeing all of the kids together again-it's been awhile! They had a blast!
Noah, Avery, Connor
Here's my little flower from the other day, fresh picked from the garden! Isn't she cute?!

My big girl amazes me every day with stuff that she's learning. I mean, seriously, it's crazy! Most of it I know is from daycare because ya know I don't have the time for that stuff! Haha!  Over the weekend she's drawing and shows me her picture and I could actually tell what it was...can you?
At the top is the sun. Below it is a girl holding a ball (on the left side) and she's standing in the water. Yeah and she's 3 1/2! Blows my  mind!

We did nothing this past weekend really. My sister-in-law came by with my niece on Saturday for a playdate. Yesterday we were total bums. I didn't even get dressed until about 1pm! Went grocery shopping and that's it! Yep, boring but totally cool with us for once! And a naughty leprechaun came by at some point because we had gold coins at the breakfast table, our milk turned green and our toilet water was green too! Sneaky little bugger!

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

A Little Facelift

I thought I'd give the blog a little update with a new background.

Now I just need a new pic since this one is 2yrs old already! Just went through the last 6 months of photos and not a single one of me alone....guess I have to have someone take one of me, even though I don't look much different these days!