Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Princess for a Day

On Sunday we went to The Chapman's house for a get together since it's been awhile that we've seen them.

This is the only chance I had to get a shot of all of the kids together!
Avery, who  normally could care less about dressing up, wanted this dress on as soon as we got there. And she left it on until we left! My little princess for the day!
Since the other girls dressed up, they wanted Cassandra dressed up as well so this was her first time in a princess dress!
And she has become obsessed with walking while we hold her hands. OBSESSED! As soon as you go to put her down, she stiffens her legs and says "wa" (walk) and wants to walk all around!

The kids played, we had a very yummy dinner, they played some more, we had an even yummier dessert, then the kids played for a short time before we headed home.  It was a very nice visit!
I think Cassandra is in there too, but you can't see her!

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