Monday, March 18, 2013


I've been a blogging slacker.

I seriously haven't even written a "real" post in like 3 weeks.

And I honestly have nothing to say!

I feel like life has just been happening with nothing too significant going on. I picked up an extra shift at work last week and this week so my "free" time is even more limited. I've sat down at night a few times hoping to write a post, but then nothing note-worthy even comes to mind. And the days just pass by.

So, I'll share some pics from the past few weeks if you don't mind! Hey, it's something, right?!

Numero frickin' cute is this little toosh in skinny jeans? (thank you Julie and fam!)
We went to Buffalo on the 9th for a visit and this one started walking with us holding her hands...finally! And I'll say that as of now, she LOVES doing it-will even cry if she's in the mood and you stop walking with her. Yep, that stage.
Cousin Taylor came by for a visit which made my big girl so happy....on the way to my Mom's, Avery asked if Taylor was coming because "Taylor is my best friend!"  Taylor came. Life was good.

Little sister is also obsessed with electronics already....kid can't get enough of them!
And we had some visitors come by my Mom's....Megan and Noah, Jessica and Connor. It was great seeing all of the kids together again-it's been awhile! They had a blast!
Noah, Avery, Connor
Here's my little flower from the other day, fresh picked from the garden! Isn't she cute?!

My big girl amazes me every day with stuff that she's learning. I mean, seriously, it's crazy! Most of it I know is from daycare because ya know I don't have the time for that stuff! Haha!  Over the weekend she's drawing and shows me her picture and I could actually tell what it was...can you?
At the top is the sun. Below it is a girl holding a ball (on the left side) and she's standing in the water. Yeah and she's 3 1/2! Blows my  mind!

We did nothing this past weekend really. My sister-in-law came by with my niece on Saturday for a playdate. Yesterday we were total bums. I didn't even get dressed until about 1pm! Went grocery shopping and that's it! Yep, boring but totally cool with us for once! And a naughty leprechaun came by at some point because we had gold coins at the breakfast table, our milk turned green and our toilet water was green too! Sneaky little bugger!

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