Saturday, March 30, 2013

Egg Hunt

Yesterday was our neighborhood Easter egg hunt!

We didn't get to attend last year because of Avery's tonsil surgery, so this was our first time going. And boy, it was fun! 

They got all the kids lined up around's Avery ready to go:

They told us a few rules and then it was go time! When they said "go", Avery burst into tears instead of running off like the other kids. I have no idea why (I think she thought they were going to take all of the eggs and she wouldn't get any), but once I went with her and started helping her, she was fine.

Cass had fun too! Of course she would fine one egg and just carry that one all day long-too funny!
Some shots of all of the kids running around:

It was quite the egg hunt...They had over 500 eggs and they were spread out around 5-6 back yards. Each egg had a ticket inside that had a letter on it. You took your tickets to their deck where they had corresponding prizes. So for every egg you found, you got a was a small prize (gum, pencil, eraser, etc), but still! I think most kids got around 20 eggs or so. Then they had I think 10 gold eggs which won you a bigger prize (Avery didn't get one). The woman who hosted also bought candy for each kid too, so they really made out! 

Once the hunting was over, there were lots of snacks, etc and the kids just ran around and played. Avery had her first try at a trampoline and loved it!
After the egg hunt, Cass took a nap. When she woke up, it was time to color our eggs!

Avery coloring on the eggs

Putting stickers on after they were colored

The finished product!
We had quite a busy day....and this weekend will be the same!

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