Saturday, March 23, 2013

Fourteen Months Old!

Today Miss Cassandra is fourteen months old! The months are just flying by!

Like last month, her clothing hasn't changed much. She still wears both 9 and 12 month stuff. Some of the one-piece 9 month stuff is getting small on her, but pants/shirts are still fitting. In fact, most of her 12 month pants are too long and she steps on them!

Cassandra is still sleeping through the night-typically 11-12 hours total. Sometimes she wakes up, but rarely do we have to go in-only if she's sick or something. Her naps are very sporadic these days-some days she takes 2 naps, other days she takes 1. It depends how tired she seems in the morning. The problem lately is that if she takes a morning one, she won't want to take an afternoon one. Then she's completely exhausted and goes to bed early.

  She's still nursing twice a day-morning and bedtime. I'm going to start mixing in whole milk soon-probably in the next few weeks. She's doing well having milk in the sippy cup so that's good. In fact, now she's refusing a bottle during the day when I'm at work!

Let's see-some new foods she's tried (that I can remember) are pineapple, ravioli, cottage cheese, salmon, bologna, and chili. The girl loves her fruit and veggies just like her big sister. Honestly though, she's not picky! She eats just about anything we give her which is great!

Cassandra has a lot of new words this month: "nose", "open", "bear bear", "no", "mine", "apple", "moon". She really tries to copy anything we say which is too cute. She has also started some animal sounds-"moo", "bawk", "woof".  And she has a few more signs as well: "milk", "bath".

Some other firsts this month include tooth #5! It took forever to break through and I think tooth #6 is going to be just as stubborn! I have seen it for weeks and it's just not coming!  She also slept over my in-laws for the first time and did really well which is good. We were a little nervous about it, but everything went really great! Cassandra also figured out how to close her eyes!

Here are her pics for this month...she wasn't really feeling it this time around either (just like last month!)....

My faves:

she kept trying to get the chair to rock so she was going back and forth like a mad woman!

Flashback to Avery at 14 months!

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