Friday, August 27, 2010

Fourteen Months Old!

Today my little girl is 14months old! She definitely doesn't seem like a baby to me any more-she really is a toddler these days!

She is now up to 12 teeth-she is just getting 4 molars in all at once right now and has been so good through it all!

She is walking 100% of the time now-she very rarely crawls anymore. She's getting quite good at it too!

She is still a really good eater-she loves her fruits and vegetables still! She is fully on whole milk milk now and doing just fine with it. She's only nursing once a day at bedtime, but that might come to an end soon if I have my way! I'll miss it, but at this point I don't think she's getting much out of it.

She has a few new words-"pasta", "ta" (tail), and "teeth". She loves blowing kisses to anyone when we leave...she'll say "bye bye" and blow kisses-it's so cute! She also tries to call for Jerri to get her to come to her. She recently has gotten interested in trying to feed herself with her spoon. We help her of course, but she always gets excited to try it herself!

She is still sleeping well-usually 11-12 hours overnight and lately she's been doing just one nap a day. Sometimes it'll only be an hour and other times it's been as long as almost 3 hours. Every now and then she'll take 2 naps, but lately she just fights one of them anyways.

I'm happy to say that bathtime is getting better. We switched it up and tried doing it during the day instead of at bedtime. I think part of the problem was that she didn't want to go to bed and knew that the bath lead to bedtime which made her cry through the whole thing. We realized that even on nights she didn't have a bath, she was still crying. So, we moved bathtime to the afternoon and so far she's done a lot better. She still cries when we wash her hair, but overall she's pretty happy in there and has even done some kicking and splashing! So I'm happy about that!

Here are her 14month pics. I took a few in her Pottery Barn chair that I liked too...this one I told her to "sit like a big girl":

Here she's pointing to her name:

This one cracks me up-look where the giraffe is! I caught it just when she chucked the giraffe into the air!

Reading "Goodnight Moon"-her latest favorite:

Here are my favorites from the bunch-here she's smiling because she realized the giraffe was next to her!


Pointing at something:

She was posing like this waiting for me to take the picture-too funny!

Smiley girl!

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