Sunday, August 1, 2010

Another Sunday Night

Here we are...another Sunday night. The weekend is over (boo!) and the work week about to begin again. We had a nice, long weekend together. Gabe took off Thursday and Friday and I had my usual Friday off so it was nice having a few extra days together.

Friday Gabe and I took Avery to story hour at the library. I try to take her there as much as I can-she really enjoys it. We went out for dinner that night since we don't get to very often these days.

Gabe always says he can't wait for the day that Avery will lay down with us and cuddle in bed. Well, on Friday before her nap, she got comfy on the couch with Gabe while he read her some stories. It was so cute! She just loves her books these days which is great! I hope she stays that way! Look at her studying the book!

Yesterday we took a trip to Buffalo for the day. We started out by stopping at my Uncle Joe's house to see them. My Dad also came by so we got to visit with everyone which was nice. We had pizza for lunch and Avery loved exploring a new house (and the cats!).
Then it was off to my Mom's house to hang out and have dinner. Avery showed off her walking skills: And played with her car:
Today we went to my in-laws house for a bit. My sister-in-law, neice and nephew were there so we all got together to visit. Then Avery and I went with one of her daycare friends to a nearby playground which was fun! Avery tried out the slides and swings and had a lot of fun! Now she's in bed, I just got back from grocery shopping and it's off to work tomorrow.
By the way, did you notice it's August 1st? Seriously?! August?! Where is this year going?! I hate to admit that I went to two stores in the past three weeks that had out Halloween stuff...just insane!

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