Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Going, Going, Gone!

As of today, my freezer stash of breastmilk is officially gone!

I had quite an impressive amount of breastmilk stored-which was good, but man did it take up a lot of room in our freezer! I will say it'll be nice having that back! We had enough for roughly 2months I'd say. Right around when Avery turned 1, I dropped her day time nursing sessions and used just the sippy cup. That was when I started dipping into the stash. When I got down to about a dozen freezer bags of milk left, I started introducing the whole milk.

I started mixing the whole milk (1/4 whole to 3/4 breastmilk) and every few days would bump up the amount of whole milk she was getting. Today was the first day she had all whole milk and no breastmilk (except at bedtime when she nurses).

So far, no reactions to it which is very good! The transition went very smoothly! Now the next "chore" will be breaking her of her nighttime nursing when she goes to bed. I have a feeling that might be a battle!

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