Sunday, August 8, 2010

Three Down, One To Go

My work schedule in August is all over the place! I typically work M, T, Th each week, but pretty much the entire month of August my schedule is different. Last week I worked M-Th then got "rewarded" with a 4 day weekend (I swapped W last week for M this coming week). So, it's Sunday night-I'm usually in bed by now gearing up for work tomorrow, but tonight.....tonight I'm gearing up for another day home with my baby!

We had a very busy weekend this weekend as well.

Friday Avery and I went for a walk in the morning. After lunch we went to the library and she played in the playroom for a little bit, then we went on the playground for awhile. After her second nap, we made a trip to Barnes and Noble. While I was getting dinner ready, she decided to rearrange our shoes (yes, all of those shoes are for 2 of us-and that's not even all of them we have in that area-how crazy is that?!). She liked my flip flops the best!

Yesterday Gabe went running in the morning, then I went to the gym. After we both showered and Avery napped, we went to the public market with Gabe's Dad. Even though we went late, it was still very crowded! But we got a lot of great deals as usual! In the early evening, we went to our cousins' newly built house for a housewarming party. We didn't stay too long because we had Avery and she needed to get to bed. It was nice seeing everyone and their house was very nice!

This morning I met an old coworker of mine for breakfast. We tried a new place called James Brown's. It was very yummy! If you go there, just a warning that there is no AC inside-it was pretty toasty in there! After Avery's nap, we went to the Park Ave fest and walked around for awhile. Just as we got back to the car it started pouring so we timed it just right! From there, we met Gabe's parents and his sister (and family) at Pier 45 for dinner. We have never been there and it was very nice. It's right on the water and we sat outside on their very large (and covered!) patio. We ordered a bunch of different tapas and shared them. They were all very good! We'll have to go back again sometime and try some of their entrees.

So I'm off tomorrow as well and really have no plans besides going grocery shopping. I haven't taken Avery in awhile so that'll be interesting! We'll see how the weather is before planning the rest of our day!

The other day, Gabe's friend brought us some very large zucchinis and today Avery was trying to carry them around! It was pretty funny because they are really big for her to try and pick up!

I tried taking a video of Avery dancing the other day. She is so funny when she dances standing up! She didn't do it very long, but I decided to post it anyway because I haven't posted a good video of her walking yet. So at least you'll get to see that!

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