Sunday, August 15, 2010

Happy 6th Birthday Owen!

Yesterday we had a busy day. My Mom and Aunt Pat came in from Buffalo to go to the public market with us in the morning. We met my in-laws there, did some shopping, and then had some coffee after. My Mom and Aunt left shortly after Avey went down for a nap.

When Avery woke up, we went to Molly and Mark's house to celebrate our nephew Owen's birthday. His actual birthday is on Tuesday... he'll be 6 this year and starting kindergarten in the fall!

Avery just loves my neice and nephew-they were doing group hugs for awhile when we got there: Sibling love:
Pa with Owen and Bianca (Avery wanted to sit this one out!):

Owen has been big into collecting all sorts of bugs these days. He caught some butterflies and Avery was very interested in them!
Before dinner, Owen opened his gifts....
and Bianca got a few as well:
The sticker/activity book we got Owen:

Avery also got a gift from Pa and Grandma:
After dinner, it was cake time! Owen's plane cake:

Singing "Happy Birthday!"

Once we sang to Owen, Bianca wanted to blow out the candle too, so we also sang to her!

Happy 6th Birthday Owen! Hope you have a fabulous year!!


Sandi said...

We have that toy Avery got! It is ridiculously loud!I taped over the speaker....much better! Ryan love it and tries to copy Ernie's laugh!

Nicole said...

I agree that it's very loud! Good idea with the tape over the speaker! I'll have to try it!