Wednesday, August 18, 2010

I love my Mom!

My Mom is the best!

Yesterday I came home from work and wasn't feeling well. I took my temperature and it was 102! I felt lousy all night. This morning when I woke up (my day off) I still didn't feel well and my temp was at 101.

My Mom, the dear that she is, drove here from Buffalo to watch Avery for me. She's the best! I went to the doctors in the afternoon and found out I have another double ear infection (my 3rd in under a year!) and most likely strep throat. I felt ok until about 3pm then I really felt lousy the rest of the day today. I'm on amoxicillin for 10 days and I'm out of work until Monday.

I'm just praying Gabe and Avery don't get it now! Avery is still going to my in-laws tomorrow so I can rest and she'll be away from my germs. We'll see what we end up doing Friday with her.

Thanks for coming out today Mom! I appreciate that you took your day off to come care for sick little me! I love you!

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