Monday, August 23, 2010


Yesterday I was feeling about 90% back to fever was definitely gone but my throat was (and is!) still sore.

Good thing I was feeling better because Gabe's work threw their annual family picnic! Just like last year, it was at Seabreeze. Also like last year, the weather wasn't good at all. This year it was very cool out and was raining in the morning. Luckily when we got to the park, the rain stopped and held out the whole time we were there! I wish it had been a little warmer so we could go in the water park, but it was just too chilly out for that. Maybe next year!

When we first got there, we had lunch-hot dogs, hamburgers, BBQ chicken, baked beans, pasta salad, potato salad, and ice cream.

Once lunch was over it was time to check out the rides! They have a few kiddie rides that have no height requirement. Technically Avery could have gone on them, but there was just no way-she would never sit still! One of the workers told us that people actually put their kids on them that young which really shocked me! I think if she had an older kid with her, she might be ok, but even then I'd be a little worried she'd try to jump ship in the middle of the ride.

So the only things we could really take her on were the carousel and train. We went to the carousel first and waited in line:

Nice close ups of us in line:

Then it was time to get on! I decided to be brave and put Avery right on a moving horse:
It was cute-as soon as I put her on it I told her, "Avery, hold on!" and she knew exactly what to do-it was so darn cute!
Here she's waving to Daddy:
I'll confess that I got a little teary-eyed through this. As soon as the horse started moving it hit me that my little girl was on her first amusement park ride. She's growing up way too fast. I had to fight back the tears!
As for Avery, let's just say it didn't go over very well. When the horse started moving, she got an excited look on her face, but the more it moved, the more she didn't like it. She ended up crying!
So when we got off, Gabe took her on but decided to go on one of the non-moving benches to see how she'd do:
That went over pretty well-no tears! We came back to the carousel later on and I tried her on a non-moving horse and she did just fine. For the last ride, we tried a moving one again and she cried again!
Then it was off to the train. I took her on first and she enjoyed it! So then Gabe took her on for a second trip:

Love this pic:

There they go!

We walked by the water park area to check things out. Like I said it was a little chilly out but we decided to see what Avery would do. They had a little area that had a 1ft deep pool and she was very interested in it:

She started splashing all around:

She loved it! Her pants got soaked and she had a blast! I wish it had been warmer because I would have taken her in and done some of the kiddie slides with her. I think it would have been fun. Gabe was also meeting some friends for dinner so we were short on time. Maybe if we had stayed longer we would have done the water park. I think if there's a decent weekend day that we have free, we may go back again since we all had a good time!

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