Sunday, August 29, 2010

Last Weekend in August

It is so hard to believe that the last weekend in August has come to an end. All of a sudden I feel like I missed out on summer-like there were so many things I wanted to do, but never did. Not enough trips to the playground, still no trip to the zoo, no swimming (!), no trips to the beach, and definitely not enough ice cream (we have to work on that one for sure!). I really feel like this summer just passed me by-I know we did a lot and had a lot of fun, but part of me feels like I didn't live it like I should have.

But we did eat a lot of cherries this summer!

And we became a pro getting on and off our horse all by ourselves!

We had another busy weekend....

Yesterday I started the day one of the best ways possible...getting a pedicure! My in-laws got me a gift certificate to Scott Miller for Christmas so I decided it was time to cash it in! And it was wonderful! An hour and a half of pampering-how can you complain about that?! Even though I'm in denial that fall is almost here, I did pick out a nice fall shade for my toes

In the afternoon, Gabe and I met with a home builder (more on that to come in another post) for awhile. Then we had our annual block party! Only about a dozen of us showed up, but we really enjoyed ourselves. We had some good food and good conversation. Our neighbors have an 8 month old so both them and us had our baby monitors outside after the girls fell asleep. We ended up staying out until 10pm which was a lot of fun!

Today we hung around the house for a little bit in the morning. When Avery napped, I went shopping at the mall for a few things. Then when I got home we went to my in-laws for a "cold supper"-which was very yummy! Just all different salads and things that didn't need to be cooked since it was so hot out.

So it was another busy weekend and it's back to work tomorrow. Even though the calendar says September later this week, it's supposed to be blazing hot the next few days!

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