Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Power Outage!

Last night Avery and I were eating dinner (Gabe was still cooking his) and all of a sudden the lights flickered, went out, then came back on, then went out again and stayed out.

This is something you expect to happen during a windstorm, snowstorm, or icestorm....but not in July when it's 90+ degrees out and no breeze to be had.

Both neighbors on either side of us lost power as well, but across the street still had theirs on. We called RG&E and supposedly only 19 houses were effected. Lucky us-we were one of them!

So we had to get Avery ready for bed with a flashlight-with no ceiling fan, AC, or humidifier (for noise) for her. Gabe and I sat by candlelight twiddling our thumbs since there was no TV, no internet, etc.

Gabe took a pic of me trying to look through the Sunday ads by candlelight...of course from the flash of the camera you can't tell it's pitch dark in the room! We started worrying about our fridge full of food-of course Gabe had just grocery shopped the night before and we had a very full fridge and freezer. We were thinking of what to do with all of the frozen meat, milk, etc. We were also dreading sleeping with no AC and no fans running when it was sweltering out.

But we lucked out and just as I was heading up to bed 3 hours later, the lights kicked on!! Our food was safe and we had a sound night of sleep! Yay!

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