Friday, July 30, 2010

Health Scare

We got a call Wednesday night that my Dad was admitted into the hospital for some chest pain. He had been having it on and off for a few days and when he called his doctor, he wanted him to do to the ER. So, he did and they decided to admit him.

Wednesday night he had several rounds of blood work done and a chest x-ray. They said the x-ray looked abnormal but weren't sure if it had always been that way (since they had nothing to compare it to).

Thursday they did a stress test on him...he had some dye injected in him then had to walk the treadmill. Immediately after they did some photos of his heart to see how the blood was circulating. After a few hours of rest, they repeated the photos to compare them. Apparently they didn't like what they saw. So he stayed overnight again to be able to see the doctor this morning and find out more.

This morning, they transferred him via ambulance to another hospital to do an angiogram on him to take a closer look at what was going on. I guess during the procedure, my Dad's heart went into v-fib and they had to shock him to get him back! He said he was watching the procedure one second and the next he felt like he was asleep and dreaming-said it was very calm and peaceful...then he felt like he got kicked by a donkey and heard them say "he's back!" Talk about scary! Anyways, they didn't find anything during the angiogram-so he got the "all clear" and is being discharged this afternoon. So that's good news, although they really don't have an explanation for the chest pain. Hopefully it'll just go away....

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