Friday, July 9, 2010

One Year Appointment

Today, Avery had her one year check up at the doctors.

If you remember her nine month appointment, it didn't go so well. So needless to say, I was dreading today's visit. I enlisted Gabe to come with us this time though for backup!

Thank God he was there!

I swear she knew where we were as soon as we got in the exam room. She all of a sudden got clingy and whiny when we got in the room.

The easy part where they weigh and measure her...yeah, she screamed her head off. I knew after that, that we were in trouble. The doctor came in and talked to us for awhile and Avery was calm during that. Of course once he started examining her, she got all riled up again. Then when he left, a nurse came in to do a lead test-the good ol' finger prick. I'm sure you can imagine how that went. Then she left and another nurse came in with 3 was a rough 40minutes!

The good news? She's healthy as can be....that's all we can ask for. She's currently 30" tall (80th percentile) and 18lbs 9oz (15th percentile).

Her left tear duct is still plugged so we have to take her to a pediatric ophthalmologist in August to get it taken care of. I'm not looking forward to that either, but at least that annoyance will be gone since she's had it since birth.

So, we're good for another 3 months, then she gets tortured again!

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