Sunday, July 11, 2010

Enjoyable Weekend

We had a very nice weekend this weekend. The weather was beautiful as well so that helped!

Yesterday, we all went to Buffalo for the day for a visit. We started out meeting my Dad at Alton's for a late breakfast/early lunch. After that, we went to my Mom's house. Gabe and I decided to go to the Horizon's Home Show. The Taste of Buffalo was also this weekend and I kind of wanted to do both, but we had to choose one! We always go to the home shows when we can-we love walking through the new houses and getting ideas for down the road. This year it was out in Lancaster and the houses were cheaper than they were a few years ago when we went. We had a few favorites that we walked through a second time for a better look. And I have to say that for the opening day, it was pretty dead! Usually you have to wait in line to get into the houses and there are a lot of people all in one house. But not this year. You walked right in, walked through without a crowd-it was really nice. After the home show, we went back to my Mom's (she babysat Avery while we were at the home show) for dinner, then headed home.

Today was another gorgeous day! Another great day for another festival! Between Avery's naps, we hit the Corn Hill Art Festival. We've gone to it a few times in the past and figured it would be something to do outside. Gabe's friend Cordell is an artist and he sets up a booth every year so we make a point of visiting him. In fact this year, he was chosen to do the festival poster! That was exciting! (Here's his website if you want to take a look at his work) It was pretty crowded there but not to the point of pushing and shoving through people. We hardly ever buy anything at the festivals...we just like walking around and people watching (and eating!). It was a good time! When we got home, I went grocery shopping then we made pizzas on the grill for dinner. Now we're just relaxing getting ready to start another work week!

Here's a new trick Avery showed us today....

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