Thursday, July 1, 2010

Buffalo Play Date

Yesterday, Avery and I made a trip to Buffalo for the day. My main reason to go was to see my Grandfather one last time before he heads back to Vegas on the 7th. I knew the holiday weekend was going to be busy and we wouldn't make it to Buffalo then so yesterday was my last chance to get there and see him.

Before Grandpa arrived, Avery had to check out a new toy Grandma picked up for her! She had a lot of fun with it!
She liked putting her rings in the front part of the car:

Grandpa came by for a few hours for lunch-it was a nice visit. I think he's a little sad about going home.
Avery had fun climbing on my Mom and grabbing her nose!

I lucked out that a few of my friends are teachers and are now off for the summer. They happened to not have any plans yesterday, so we had a little playdate! Jessica and Connor, and Megan and Noah came by and the kids got to play for a few was a lot of fun!
Avery and Connor checking out the cat:

Avery and Connor were funny with the toys-whatever one of them had, the other one wanted it. Yet if they were both toyless, they could have cared less about what was around! They were really "fighting" over this stick for awhile:
On the move:
Noah laughing at the xylophone:
Avery and Noah:
We kept trying to get all 3 of them in one picture-which was a joke! This was the closest we got...Jessica brought along some animal crackers and you would have thought it was feeding time at the zoo!

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