Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Thirteen Months Old

Yesterday Avery turned 13 months old! We're out of official month stickers, but I decided to keep taking photos of her each month just because. It's fun to look at her each month and see how much she changes!

Like I said in my last post, Avery is a little sponge these days! She's so cute trying to copy things we do and say now! She is also walking very well now too-although she does still crawl a decent amount because she's still faster that way.

Avery is a very good eater! She LOVES her fruits and vegetables which I'm so thankful for! I just hope she stays that way. She'll eat them over anything else! She's having three solid meals a day-all "real" food now...jarred food has been done for awhile. She pretty much eats anything we give her so I think we are very lucky when it comes to her eating habits.

She is still nursing twice a day-first thing in the morning and at bedtime. We haven't switched to whole milk yet since I'm trying to use up my freezer stash of breastmilk first. Probably in the next month or so I'm guessing we'll start transitioning her over to whole milk.

She is still sleeping very well now. Still 11-12 hours overnight. She might wake up once or twice and fuss for a few minutes, but she puts herself back to sleep which is good. She is still mostly taking two naps a day. I thought she was dropping down to one nap, but most days she still needs to take two.

She has become obsessed with reading books! We read the same 4-5 books numerous times a day! She is really into the lift-the-flap books! She likes helping to lift the flaps and turn the pages.

Bath time is still not fun for us. She really dislikes the water still which is challenging-I would love for her to be swimming in this heat! It's gotten to where we've had to hold her down to bathe her-she just screams and tries to climb out of the tub-it's really no fun. I hope this phase goes away soon because it's been around for a few months now and is getting old!

Here are her photos we took this morning:

Giving kisses:

My favorites:

Nice teeth! (she's up to 7!)

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