Saturday, July 17, 2010

A Visit From Cousins!

Today we had some visitors!

My cousins Joe, Eileen and Giada were in town from Florida for vacation. They are spending most of their week in Buffalo, but Joe's Mom recently moved about 20min away from our house. So when they came out here to visit my Aunt, they decided to stop by and visit us as well which was nice! The last time we saw them was when we went to Florida back in March (right when Giada was born!). Now she's almost 4 months old already and she has changed quite a bit!

She enjoyed Avery's playmat:

I don't know what Avery thought about her. She kept pointing to her and saying "ba ba" for baby. It was cute. Of course she has no idea what being gentle means-she just wanted to grab at her and go to town! Gabe was holding Giada for awhile and Avery wanted to keep touching her! Here she is checking things out:

Gabe and Giada:
My Mom came out late in the afternoon for a visit as well and she got her before Joe headed out so she got to meet her new neice!
Avery was all about giving her kisses sweet!
They stayed for a few hours and we enjoyed some Wegman's subs for lunch and relaxed and caught up a bit. It was a nice time and great to see them and their new addition! The little ones change so much the first year so it's nice to get and see them at different stages. I'm sure the next time we see them Giada will be about as big as Avery is now! That's crazy to think!

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