Sunday, July 25, 2010

She's A-Walkin' and A-Talkin'

I guess I can consider Avery a walker these days! She still crawls a lot, but she also is walking quite a bit. She still falls frequently, but she has gotten pretty good in a short amount of time! It's amazing how just a few weeks ago, she had no interest in walking and now it's what she mainly wants to do. It's funny how they change so fast like that! I have to get some new footage of her walking-it's so cute!

She also is saying quite a few words and sounds now. She definitely knows "mama" and "dada" and she says "pa" and "grandma". Lately anytime she drops something, she says "uh oh". She really tries to mimic anything we say "bird", "cheese", "waffle", etc.

She is also really starting to know her animal sounds. If we say an animal, she can make the sound they make-dog, cat, cow, horse, sheep, chicken, duck. Of course with all things we can decipher what she's saying, but an outsider might struggle understanding her. She is a little sponge lately!

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