Monday, July 5, 2010

Fourth of July Weekend

Our Fourth of July weekend was very nice. Gabe had both Friday and Monday off. I worked a few hours Friday morning, but also had off Monday so it was a nice long family weekend!

Friday we took Avery to get her 1 year photos done at Penney's (which turned out great by the way!) then just came home and relaxed.

Saturday Gabe went running, then I went to the gym. While Avery napped, I did some baking. After she woke up, we went to a playground for a little over an hour-she had a blast climbing the slide and going down it! They had a pool nearby so we took her over so she could watch the kids swimming. Then we decided to try a new ice cream place that Gabe's coworker told us about. It's a pretty far ride for us to go, but she raves about it so we had to try it out! They have food as well so we ate dinner there and had some ice cream. It was good-almost like Lugia's but a lot longer of a ride. I don't think we'll be going back there too often!

Sunday we had a family reunion for Gabe's Mother's side of the family. They have it every year around the 4th in Auburn. It's very nice-they have it at one of the cousins' lake home so it's very scenic and relaxing. There's always a lot of people and a lot of good food! We had a very nice time. We didn't get to go last year because Avery was only a week old so we made sure to go this year so everyone could see her! She had fun watching all of the kids and practicing walking all around the place!

Monday was a relaxing day for us. I just did the weekly grocery shopping trip and we did a few things around the house. Gabe's parents invited us over for a cookout, but they don't have air conditioning. It was well over 90 out that day so we asked them if they wanted to come to our house instead. So they did-and they nicely brought everything for dinner! We just did a cookout-burgers and hot dogs, corn, mac salad. It was a nice relaxing end of the weekend that's for sure!

I finally got some footage of Avery with her new toy we got her for her birthday! She's getting to be a pro at it already!

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