Thursday, December 13, 2012

Daycare Party

Yesterday Avery had her daycare holiday party. I left work a little early so that I was able to attend.

Of course it was really, really cute!

All of the kids came out with (fake) candles and sang "Candle Light" to us:

That's her BFF next to her!
Then they did a few other songs-"Jingle Bells", something about a snowflake:
Then the older kids sang "Rudolph" to us with these really cute reindeer hats on that they made. They all passed out presents to the parents that they made for us-they were chalkboards with their handprint in the corner-very cute!  After that, we all had some snacks and they did a gift exchange between the kids. We had a very nice time!

Of course Cassandra had to try on the reindeer hat-it was a little too big and she wasn't into wearing it at all!

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