Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving!

Today was a milestone Thanksgiving for was Cassandra's first Thanksgiving!

We had a lazy morning watching the parade (well, some of it-Avery isn't very interested in it yet) and eating cinnamon rolls for breakfast.

We headed to Gabe's parents' house around 2 so that we could put Cassandra down for her afternoon nap. Thankfully she took a little snooze before everyone started showing up!

My Mom and Aunt Pat came in from Buffalo to join us for dinner once again this year, so that was nice having them there to celebrate with us!
Aunt Pat and Cassandra
The kids had their own table to eat at:
Bianca and Avery
There was amounts! I think we counted 12 side dishes (each were huge as well) along with the turkey!  You couldn't even fit a little of everything on your plate!

After dinner, we relaxed before having dessert.
Mom and Cassandra
Can my children look any grumpier?! I just wanted a pic of them in their dresses! Haha!
Cassandra loves her technology stuff already-checking out Daddy's phone!
And the best family photo we could get with the two kids! I think we took 5 of them and this was the best we could do!
We all had some yummy dessert then headed home shortly after to get the kids in bed!

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving....we sure did!

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