Sunday, November 4, 2012

Happy 1st Birthday Leigha!

Today we went to Buffalo to celebrate a special girl's 1st birthday...Leigha!

They had her party at a local YMCA so when we got there, the kids had free time in the gym-they got to run around like crazy and play with some stuff they put out for them.

Then we went to the party room for some pizza, wings and snacks.

Avery was obsessed with Leigha-she kept wanting to "pet" her (yes, her words!):

Gabe and the birthday girl!
The cute (and yummy) cake:
When everyone started singing to her, she started to cry!
After some reassurance, she was ok!
Family photo:
Noah, Todd, Megan, Leigha
And of course she got to dig into some cake!

After cake it was time for gifts, then time to head out!  We ended up going back to my Mom's house for dinner then headed home shortly after since we both have to work tomorrow.

Happy Birthday Leigha!

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