Sunday, November 11, 2012

The Ham, Books and Bath

I have a few random things from the past few days....

1. My little ham.

As soon as she sees the camera, this is what I get.

Every.single.time. (sorry for the turned photos)

This is from a different day just to prove it to you!
2. Books

Sister loves books.

What she really loves about them? Turning the pages! She's pretty darn good at it!

3. Bath time

Cassandra tried something new today....the jacuzzi tub!

Avery was taking a bath in there and we decided to see what Cassandra thought of it.

Avery looks terrified-I told her to smile!
The verdict? She loved it! She loves her baths so it didn't surprise me. I'm sure she'll be hitting the jacuzzi more in the near future!

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