Thursday, November 1, 2012

Halloween, For Real!

Finally one of the "big" holidays was here!

I had to work, but got out a little bit early to go to Avery's daycare for their Halloween to-do.

They had all of the parents sit downstairs while all of the kids were upstairs getting ready. They decided to introduce each of the kids as their costume and they came out one by one. Here is Avery getting introduced:
The three teachers were dressed up as owls and the costumes were adorable. This is the only photo of them I got:
Once all of the kids were introduced, we went outside to have a parade. This is Avery and her BFF before the parade:
We walked around a few blocks, then came back to the daycare where the kids did a group photo (which was next to impossible to get!):

My Mom met up with me at daycare for the party then came back to our house after. We had a quick dinner and got the kids all ready to go out trick-or-treating.

Gabe, Avery, and Cassandra

Family photo
And I had to get a photo of our pumpkins that Gabe worked on:

Doesn't the Rapunzel one look good?!
We really lucked out with the weather. With the hurricane that came through we were expecting it to be cold and really crappy out. Yes it was chilly, but it stayed dry thankfully!  I think we did maybe a dozen houses then Avery said she was done! She kept saying her hands were cold so we called it a night....way earlier than I anticipated. But I'm sure she's just happy to have candy!

Happy Halloween!

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