Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Ten Months Old!!

Yesterday my baby girl turned 10 months old!! It's crazy that I'm already starting to plan her first birthday party-where has this year gone?!

Avery is continuing to grow and change so much-she is just a barrel of laughs these days! New this month-her version of dancing, clicking sounds with her tongue, pulling up to stand, using her sippy cup all by herself, making her scrunched up face, doing "sooooo big", pointing, and doing her fist sign "all done".

She is still nursing really well and eating lunch and dinner. She tried a few new foods this past month-pastina, toasted cheese, pancakes, black olives, cantaloupe, canned peas (which she loves!), banana bread, and hamburger. She's really funny with meat-she will not swallow it for some reason. She just keeps it in her mouth for like a half hour! I have no idea why, but we haven't been too successful with it yet!

Avery is still napping twice a day for us and does pretty well at night-she either sleeps all the way through or just wakes up once to nurse. So it hasn't been too bad! She has her nights here and there where she keeps us up for hours at a time, but thankfully it's not too often!

Her favorite toys at the moment are the fisher price stackable rings-she doesn't go anywhere without them! She usually has a ring in each hand and crawls around like that-it's too funny! She is also obsessed with a Cat book Molly got us-we read it numerous times a day!

Here are her 10 month shots-once again she was very tricky to take a picture of!

Trying to lunge off of the chair:

Yanking at the sticker:

The rest are my favorites of the bunch:

This is her doing "sooooo big!":

Again yanking on the sticker:

Loving her FP rings:

Daddy lifting her up to see the fan:


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Nice blog you got here... Just droppin' by to say hi!

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what a cutie! :)