Friday, April 23, 2010

Rest In Peace Grandma Bobbie

Gabe's Grandmother passed away today.

She has been battling Alzheimer's for years now but finally gave in. She lived with Gabe's parents for years so Gabe and his sister were very close to her. I met her several times when we first got together and she seemed like a wonderful woman. She was still living with his parents at that time.

Eventually her Alzheimer's got bad enough that they decided to put her into a nursing home so she could get the care she needed. We visited her a few times while she was there, but she really didn't know who we were anymore.

Earlier this week we got the news that she wasn't doing well and her kidneys were starting to fail. They thought she only had a few days to live so Gabe and his sister went to see her one last time. Sure enough, today we got the call that she passed away.

We'll be going to her memorial service next week to celebrate the wonderful 87 years that she lived.

Rest in peace Grandma Bobbie-you will be dearly missed.

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Molly said...

what a sweet tribute. thanks Nicole!