Sunday, April 18, 2010

Another Weekend Gone By

We had a pretty busy weekend again.

Friday I had off (as usual) so Avery and I took a roadtrip to Buffalo. My friend Katie and her family was in from Maryland so I had to go visit them while they were here. They only make it in twice a year or so, so any chance I can see her, I try to! Katie and Roman stopped by and it was funny-both kids napped most of the time they were over! But it gave Katie and I a chance to hang out and catch up which was nice! Once the kids woke up, they played for awhile and posed for a quick pic before they had to head out:

Avery and I stayed for dinner then came home.

Yesterday Avery and I went to the Strong Museum of Play with some of her daycare friends. I of course forgot my camera, but I don't think I would have gotten any photos anyways...Avery was being a beast and wouldn't let me put her down at all. She barely played and just whined and fussed most of the time we were there for some reason. After that, we came home for dinner and I went grocery shopping once Avery was asleep.

Today my Dad came for a visit which was nice-we haven't seen him in awhile. We went out for lunch at Dinosaur BBQ-it was so good! After he left, I did some running around-had to pick up Avery's photos, went to Babies R Us and Target, then came home to do a few things around here to get ready for work tomorrow.

Yesterday Avery started making this funny face and breathing fast through her nose-it's too funny! I tried getting a video, but of course she wouldn't do it for the camera! But I did get a quick pic of the new face-she cracks me up!

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