Tuesday, April 13, 2010

First Injury

I'll start by saying that my birthday yesterday was very nice. The girls at work treated me to lunch from Zebb's. After work, I picked up Avery from my in-laws then came home. We fed Avery dinner, had some lasagna my Mom sent home with us over the weekend(yum!), then I opened my gifts (a new webcam and a Dunkin gift card) and we had some chocolate peanut butter cheesecake courtesy of Cheesy Eddie's....yes it was a "terrible" as it sounds! It was a very nice day, that's for sure!


On another note....

I got an email from Gabe today that Avery injured herself at daycare today. I left my cell phone in Buffalo on Saturday so I'm without it all week (torture? Yes! How did we ever survive without them?!). Apparently our daycare provider tried calling me, but I didn't get the call since my phone wasn't with me. So she called Gabe and filled him in.

Avery has been standing up on everything the past few days. So at daycare today, she tried pulling up to stand using another child (who just turned 1!). Well, when that happened, both of them toppled over and Avery's face met the floor and a hardcover book that was on the floor! She of course screamed her head off I guess. The daycare provider called her Mom, who's a nurse and filled her in. After talking, they decided she was ok, had no serious injuries, etc.

When I went to pick her up, she was totally fine and as if nothing happened which is good. She seemed like herself all night tonight-giving kisses, laughing, dancing, etc. so I'm sure she's fine.

She'll just be sporting this nice mark until it goes away:

My poor pumpkin!


GreenScorpion said...

Happy belated birthday.

Joelle said...

oh poor Avery! She looks like a tough cookie though!