Friday, April 9, 2010

Rough Stage....

Lately it seems that Avery changes and learns new things daily. I have her baby book out and update it when she does something new-I think I've written in it almost everyday this week.

She has started her own version of dancing which is so cute. When she hears music or you ask her to dance, she'll do it.

Her new phrase is "nananana".

She has pulled up to stand before, but starting a day or two ago, it's constant. That's all she wants to do is stand up. Especially in her crib-as soon as you set her down, she stands, then sits, then stands, then sits...get it?

Today for the first time she used her sippy cup all by herself! We started giving it to her about 3months ago and she gets the concept and knows she'll get a drink, but she hasn't mastered the whole tipping-it idea. She would pick up the cup and put the spout in her mouth and that's it. If you tried to tip it for her, she would let go of the cup...but she would drink if you tipped it for her. So today at dinner she tipped it up all by herself and drank from it!

Yes it's so fun seeing her grow and change so much so fast....but....

this stage is hard too.

She's starting to "flex" her independency muscles in many ways. Lots of things are now a protest-getting in the carseat, getting in her highchair, naps and bedtime. She puts up a stink for all of those now where before she didn't mind.

I heard that as soon as they are able to stand, that naps/bedtime becomes a challenge. Yeah, they're right about that. Avery typically is good about going to bed-we had her cry it out months ago and since then she napped and went to bed pretty well for us. Now she protests like a champ. Tonight she was soooo tired-she didn't nap very long at all today. So I took her up almost an hour early for bed (she was already digging at her eyes). I nursed her and as soon as I put her in bed, she stood up and screamed her head off. And all I could do was leave the room. She cried for a good half hour then finally passed out. After months of not hearing her cry, it's hard to get back into that again. I hope this stage of protest goes by fast....I'm not a fan!

She's lucky she's so cute!! Haha!

eating cheerios:

A short dance clip:

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