Monday, April 19, 2010

No Longer a Member

So the end of this month ends an gym membership at Midtown Athletic Club will be cancelled.

I'm definitely sad about it, but excited about finding a new place to join as well.

The funny thing? Gabe was a member at Midtown when I met him. When I moved out here, he had me go with him a few times as his guest and I wasn't too sure about it-it seemed to "uppity" to me and not what I was used to. Since I was living in my apartment when I first moved out here, I didn't join because it was too far away and my complex had its own gym.

When I moved in with Gabe almost 5 years ago (wow!), I ended up joining Midtown since he belonged there and it just made sense. And I grew to really like the place. It's a very nice club and has almost everything you would want in a gym.

There are some downfalls to it though...a lot of things cost extra money on top of your ridiculous monthly fee. Like daycare, some exercise classes, playing tennis and other things like massages and special events. For the price you pay to go there, it seemed crazy to charge you extra for these things.

Before I had Avery, I was going 3-4 times a week so I could justify spending the money to go there. Gabe ended his membership a few years ago so it was just myself going. Now having Avery, I make it once (maybe twice if I'm lucky) a week for a class and that's it. Hardly worth the money to go there. So after doing some thinking, I decided to end my membership and move on.

I'll definitely miss it there-I had a few favorite classes and a few favorite instructors and I'll miss all of them because they were so great. Now I just have to decide where to join next....decisions, decisions!

Goodbye Midtown-it was nice while it lasted!

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