Monday, April 5, 2010

Happy 1st Easter Avery! me, one of the signs of spring.

The start of life every year-flowers blooming, birds chirping, (hopefully) warmer weather, seeing the green grass appear from under melted snow, pastel colors, and kids dressed in their "Easter best".

My Mom decided to come out Saturday night for a visit so she could see Avery for her first Easter. Mom couldn't wait until Easter day to bring on the gifts, so we opened them early!
Avery opening her pink stuffed bunny (that didn't get photographed):

What could be inside?

Avery's own garden!

Easter morning we woke up and Gabe and Avery searched for their Easter baskets. I had Avery's hidden under a side table and she got excited when she saw it! Here she is taking a look through it:

I tried getting a nice photo of her with it, but she just wanted to destroy the basket!

Thanks for the yogurt melts!

I didn't put much in her basket this year-a few packages of yogurt melts, some bubbles and a chocolate fish (that Gabe and I will indulge in of course).

Mom made us a nice casserole and some cinnamon rolls for breakfast which was yummy. She left around noon to go into work.

After Avery's nap, we went over to Gabe's parents house for dinner. We had a nice meal of pork, stuffing, pasta, salad, applesauce, and Easter bread. I made a birthday cake for dessert (his Mom's bday is the 6th). Gabe's Dad set up an Easter egg hunt outside, but our nephew spotted the eggs outside before we even arrived so by the time we got there, he already found all of the eggs!!

Unfortunately I was a bad Mom and didn't get a picture of Avery in her Easter dress! I'm so bummed-I didn't realize it until I was putting my photos on here. It's not just her Easter dress so I know she'll wear it again, but I'm disappointed I didn't get the pictures! Things just got busy and the camera really didn't make it out of the bag at his parents house.

Hope you all had a Happy Easter! Bring on some more spring time!

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