Thursday, August 6, 2015


I can't believe it's August already.

Did you see when I last posted? Over a month ago. Life has been so crazy. With Avery home all summer, I've had zero time to be doing this. Normally I fiddle on this during naptime when my housework is done. But now I have Avery home, so naptime isn't really "my" time right now. I'm lucky I get the housework done these days!

Anywho....we've been so busy this summer.  Our entire month of July was booked before July even started-including my days off during the week. Doctors appts, dental cleanings, going places, visiting with people. And our weekends were the same way.

I don't even know where to start so this is just going to be a random post of stuff from the last month. Avery chose a pretty cool birthday present this year...but that will be it's own post when I can get to it!

We had Gabe's annual family reunion at the lake on July 4th....
Red, White, and Blue!
and even got to go on a boat ride! Avery loved it! Cassie wouldn't step foot on it!
Bianca, Molly, Owen, Mark
The kids had a good time swimming that day too!
My Mom had a few free tickets to an amusement park here that I haven't been to in about 15yrs! So we decided to take the kids for the day. My Mom met us there and my friend Megan and her family met us too. We had a really great day-the kids loved it. Avery wanted to go on everything, but of course wasn't tall enough to. Cassie was a stinker and refused to go on a lot of things, but eventually we dragged her on a few rides and she had fun!
Avery and I at the top of the ferris wheel

Avery and Leigha
Gabe and I celebrated 7 years of marriage! My Mom watched the kids so we could go out for dinner that night-was really nice!
Before dinner, I had a chance to visit with my old neighbor. His Mom and my Mom have lived on the same street for at least 35 years and him and I grew up together. I haven't seen him in probably close to 10 years (he lives out of state now) and we actually were in town at the same time for once. It was really great seeing with him and briefly catching up!
Dominic and I
We also have gotten some use out of the bounce house this summer! My friend Jessica came in to visit us for the day and we had a great time. I think it had been at least a year since we saw each other, but we picked up like it was yesterday. Our kids all played really well together too!

It's been a really great summer so far-it's hard to believe we have less than 4 weeks left until school starts back up. And of course those weeks are quickly filling up with things to do!

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